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Technical Assistance (TA)

Check & Connect offers a variety of customized technical assistance and professional development packages to support your ongoing implementation.
Technical Assistance

Professional Development/TA Options:

Facilitated Online Training

  • A C&C Implementation Specialist will:

Coordinator development and Support

  • Guided support sessions to provide personalized growth and skill development for your C&C Coordinator(s) to further support implementing C&C with fidelity.

Mentor Meeting - Planning and Modeling

  • Assistance for the C&C Coordinator(s) in planning and modeling a C&C Mentor Meeting by reviewing fidelity tools to determine areas of growth/skill development needed by C&C Mentors. A C&C Implementation Specialist will support the C&C Coordinator(s) in leading C&C Mentor Meetings with confidence through modeling/co-facilitating and/or providing specific skill building around implementation of Check & Connect.

App Onboarding

  • One-on-one support for C&C Mentors, Coordinators, and site Administrators withthe C&C App for weekly data collection, monthly data review to select student/program focus areas, review program impact/growth, and creating reports for families, sites staff, and other stakeholders.

Fidelity Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Support to the C&C Coordinator(s) and/or site Administrator(s) to review Check & Connect core features and elements at the mentor, coordinator, and site level to determine barriers to fidelity and create individual/program goals and objectives to increase fidelity.

Sustainability and Growth Support

  • Work with a C&C Implementation Specialist to plan for continued support and growth for your C&C program while maintaining fidelity especially if facing hurdles such as, staff turnover, leadership changes, and/or funding challenges.

Implementing the Student Engagement Instrument (SEI)

  • Guided use of the Student Engagement Instrument (SEI) used for supporting student referrals to C&C and/or tracking student engagement within your C&C program. A C&C Implementation Specialist will support administration, scoring, interpretation, and next steps when using the SEI.

Monthly or Quarterly Check-in Support

  • Regular check-ins (frequency determined by the site) with a C&C Implementation Specialist for C&C Mentors, Coordinators, and/or Administrators to discuss specific student concerns, answer questions, problem-solve challenges, and provide additional support where needed.

Customized Support

  • Do you have specific support needs that are not listed above? Our National Office would be happy to schedule a personalized Zoom consultation to design customized Technical Assistance to meet your needs!


Cost is determined upon the TA professional development options selected above. Please contact us at to schedule a personalized Zoom consultation for our team to properly prepare a quote for your site.

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