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Photo of mentor with student, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

Attend-Engage-Invest Continuum

Check & Connect goes beyond preventing dropout and promotes school completion, defined as graduation from high school with sufficient academic and social skills to participate in postsecondary options and/or the world of work. We offer a conceptual framework/continuum for moving students toward successful school completion: attend, engage, invest. Disengaged students are at very different places along the continuum. Through the mentor, Check & Connect endeavors to move the student from attend to engage to invest; however, this is a process – one that is highly variable across students in terms of time required.

Check & Connect mentors guide students through the attend-engage-invest continuum, in which students:

Illustration of Attend, Engage, Invest, as described in the text.

The Attend-Engage-Invest Continuum is covered in both the Check & Connect manual and in our trainings. For example interventions for students at different levels along the continuum, see Beyond Dropout Prevention: Attend-Engage-Invest (PDF).

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