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Photo of mentor with student, representing Check & Connect Student Engagement Intervention.

Conference logo1-Day Preparation and Implementation Training Agenda


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Overview of Check & Connect and Fidelity of Implementation
  3. Student Engagement in Check & Connect
  4. Evidence of Check & Connect
  5. Implementation Goals and Step 1: Determine Indicators of Disengagement
  6. Implementation Step 2: Identify Students at Risk of Disengagement
  7. Implementation Step 3: Select & Hire Mentors
  8. Implementation Step 4: Organize Existing Resources for Intervention
  9. Implementation Step 5: Get to Know Students, Teachers, and Parents
  10. Implementation Step 6: Use “Check” Procedures and the Monitoring Form
  11. Implementation Step 7: Implement “Connect” Interventions
  12. Implementation Step 8: Strengthen the Family-School Relationship
  13. Implementation Step 9: Monitor the Person-Environment Fit
  14. Implementation Step 10: Provide Mentor Support and Supervision
  15. Implementation Step 11: Evaluate Program Implementation
  16. Reflection and Questions

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